Hart & Harp Wines

distributors of excellent taste


Hart & Harp Wines, founded in 2018, is a small wholesale distributor of excellent wines.  

In developing our current wine offerings, we wanted to start small to give full attention to a group of small producers that were hand-picked. Our philosophy is that all wines have a story and we are committed to representing producers and importers that we can confidently stand behind and tell their story.  All the wines we represent have a distinct style and sense of place. It is our goal to highlight these wines and give everyone the opportunity to create their own relationship and experience with these unique wine selections. After all wine is in itself an experience, whether it is being enjoyed with a meal, being shared with friends or family, or just being sipped after a long day, we hope that you will think of us and pick one of our wines!


Chris Peterman (Owner)

Chris has been involved in the restaurant industry in Maine and New York City for over 20 years.  As a graduate of American Sommelier Incorporated in New York City, he has dedicated many of those years to wine education and exploration.  Chris is also the founding director of American Sommelier Maine, the Maine based chapter of American Sommelier Inc, which focuses on wine education throughout the State.  After numerous years as a Wine Director for multiple restaurants, Chris decided it was time for a change. While still holding a passion for wine and wine education, he thought what better way to compliment that passion then to represent dedicated wineries and producers that shared that same passion.  In essence, to create a business that would allow for these excellent wines to be showcased and explored. It was a natural progression to begin a wholesale wine company, to not only work with these great wineries, but to also have the chance to work with wine buyers and chef’s throughout the State of Maine.  Selecting a name for a company is never easy and in the beginning stages of forming this company that proved to be the case. In a moment of clarity, after countless hours of brainstorming, it became easy, create a name that resonates and has meaning. For Chris it was incorporating his son’s, Hartley and Harper, into the name and thus Hart & Harp Wines was born.